Your Guide for Luxury Real Estate in FL

Most real estate agents in the Coral Springs and Parkland area help you secure the best possible price for your budget. They also provide assistance in leasing, rental and new properties for purchase. You can also seek an agent’s advice on prices, market conditions and mortgages. The work they perform is to look for estate sellers and buyers. In other words, the agent works as an intermediary between the owner of the property and the interested party to the property.

The Real estate sector in Florida is a lucrative industry. The South Fl region, especially Coral Springs/Parkland is considered as one of the best luxury real estate markets in the nation. A one bedroom home is marked at $84000. A two bedroom apartment is normally priced at $115000 to $120000. A five bedroom home occupying 3,077 sq ft has a price tag of close to five hundred thousand dollars. Florida, especially along the west side of Coral Springs has been highly rated in previous years and has featured neighborhoods to most influential characters both in media and political whelms. The beautiful sceneries are the major attraction to the inhabitants. Dignitaries have abandoned their motherland for luxurious east coast of FL.

The Guice Girls

If you are seeking prime land here, look no further and get advice from Kim and Connie Guice (AKA The Guice Girls). These top notch agents will save you a million times over. They are well versed with the actual value and are licensed to conduct business with so much professionalism.



Assist 2 Sell
Connie & Kim Guice
9600 West Sample Rd.
Coral Springs, FL 33065
Kim cell 954-254-5078
Connie cell 954-398-0099

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